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WELI’s objectives are to:

  • Increase the number of women in academic leadership positions.
  • Accelerate and enhance the success of women in academic leadership positions.
  • Establish and maintain a support network for women engineering faculty leaders.


WELI’s mission is to

Provide support, including training, mentoring, and networking opportunities in academic leadership, for women engineering faculty

Beginnings of WELI

The Women in Engineering Leadership Institute (WELI) was established following its first Leadership Conference held in Winter Park, CO in 2000.   The first conference was put together and led by Dr. Deb Niemeier, UC-Davis and Drs. Delcie Durham, Priscilla Nelson and Alison Flatau, National Science Foundation.


Since then, a group of women engineering faculty from across the United States and Canada were awarded an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award to offer similar conferences and workshops to engineering faculty.  As a result of the ADVANCE award, WELI has offered six leadership workshops attended by over 200 engineering faculty.


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